It's unlike any documentary I have ever seen. It is scientific. It has citation notes on the screen... but it's funny it's hysterically funny...


Kate Chaplin

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it captures the tone of being informative, being fun, addressing the elephant in the room, and also footnotes at the bottom of the screen which tickles me..


Mathew Socey

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Don’t let the term “documentary” fool you.  Don’t think talking heads.  Don’t think cinema verité.  Don’t think Ken Burns or PBS.  Think unique.


Madelyn Ritrosky

Entertainment Magazine

Science, Sex, and the Ladies is a quirky, sometimes funny, sometimes controversial, and very explicit documentary about the science of female orgasm and the history of how it’s been perceived and talked about…This review could have been much longer – there’s a lot to unpack in this.  Overall I found it to be educational and very liberating.  But for crying out loud, don’t watch it bleary-eyed over a bowl of oatmeal at 8AM.  Get some wine!


Carrie Sessarego

Smart Bitiches Trashy Books movie review May 31, 2014

The end result is a unique, entertaining, informative, funny, and even touching look at the myths and realities of how and why women experience pleasure.


Rebecca Barfanger

NUVO NewsWeekly February 12, 2014

It was fun, breezy and educational--like a particularly racy episode of The Electric Company.


Jill Hamilton

In Bed With Married Women blog June 9, 2014

Science, Sex and the Ladies  is saying the things about female orgasm that society needs to hear but continues to resist…[it] is a must see for people everywhere.


Betty Dodson


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Science, Sex, and, the Ladies

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